NAONA is the product of a little girl dreaming about an endless world with no edges, dreaming about the perfect harmony between ying and yang, bright and dark, ups and downs.

Dreams and hopes make this world go round

NAONA’s collection is inspired by circles which connects our dreams, gives confidence and provides protection against cruel realities.

In a perfect circle every dot is connected with one another — endless and important in itself — we are all part of it. We are NAONA.


Swiss Quality, French Style and New York Edge are the values NAONA believes in.

NAONA outfits are multifunctional, timeless and worn in several ways – always remembering the circle being the base.

Fine, natural fabrics guarantee high comfort. NAONA products are hand made with Swiss love.


NAONA is a young fashion label led by an inspired Swiss lady. Experimenting with different art forms while collaborating with creative like-minded people propelled NAONA into a dynamic fashion company. It all started when Miss.Na completed her graduate masters collection in Paris.

After a successful journey in Paris, NAONA launched their ready-to-wear collection in several local Swiss boutiques. While the collection takes off in Switzerland, the label goes international, collaborating and showcasing the collection in several exhibitions and competitions. In New York City NAONA was well received during the NYC fashion Week and opening a store at NYC Edge on Bleecker Street.

Back in Switzerland, NAONA continues to attend different exhibitions while enjoying market sales. With a growing production and design studio NAONA is able, back in 2009, to launch her first Brand Store in Basel, Switzerland.


Born in Basel, Switzerland, Miss.Na has soon been recognized a vital creative princess. With her family she travelled and lived abroad, which gave her various insights into different cultures and mentalities.
After graduating in economics, she reached out for a more creative perspective and studied fashion design in the renowned Atelier Chardon Savard, Paris. She graduated with a master of fashion design. During her time in Paris Miss.Na was sucessfully completing several internships with Martin Margiela, Paris, or Threeasfour, NY. And that is when Miss.Na launches the label NAONA.